Samsung is expanding its foldable product lineup with a foldable laptop it seems. Word through the grapevine claims that the South Koreans are working on a foldable laptop, that follows the foldable phones and tablets we’ve heard of. Devices with foldable screens seem to be all the rage, even though they’ve yet to go mainstream.

Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, Microsoft all all working on that, but Samsung has an event scheduled in early November to actually reveal something like that. Lenovo is also rumored to be making a foldable laptop, while Microsoft has been toying with the “Courier” format for years now and dropping hints about a Surface Phone or some other similar machine.

Unlike them Samsung actually confirmed it was making a foldable laptop. The company is working with display makers in order to develop laptops that have foldable screens, which don’t only fold in and out, but also create “new value and user experience”. The info comes from Samsung’s VP of PC marketing Lee Min-cheol and it was stated uring an event taking place yesterday.

The event brought us the new Notebook Flash laptop, with a retro design. Over the past days, Lenovo’s deal came up online, an understanding with LG to supply flexible OLED panels for the company. Samsung Display will probably handle the rival product. We don’t have a clear idea when the Samsung foldable laptop will come, but CES 2019 is a pretty safe bet. It’s also not very clear which part folds, of it’s a glorified convertible of sorts. In the meantime we’re still waiting for the Galaxy F foldable phone, which should be showcased in early November.