After debuting the Galaxy Note 9 and speculating on the Galaxy A midrangers, that are going to get higher end features come 2019, Samsung has set its sights on foldables. The South Korean firm has teased a new foldable smartphone for launch later this year.

Samsung’s prototypes of foldables, OLED machines, Youm units and other attempts date as far as 2012, so they’ve been at it for a long while. CNBC quotes Samsung CEO, DJ Koh, who claimed that the device will be unveiled during the company’s developer conference from November. It’s very likely just a prototype or a special edition, that will just be sold in South Korea.

Previously we’ve heard about only 100k units being made available for starters. Samsung is said to be preparing a bendable phone within the Galaxy Note line. They had experiments before, like the Galaxy Note Edge, or the ill fated Galaxy Round. We have reported about and covered a large number of Samsung patents, that went back and forth between vertical and horizontal formats for the foldables.

Some of them open up like books or newspapers, others are merely glorified clamshells. The core is to make a tablet-sized device fit into the pocket by folding it. Samsung may include a 7 inch screen on the newcomer and maybe inaugurate the oft rumored Galaxy F device.

Expect the product to fold in half like a wallet.