Samsung listens to the needs of its customers and sensed that Windows 8 is the way to go these days, especially with Windows 8 Consumer Preview out now. Thus, they published on their website a tutorial on how to upgrade to this OS, while also mentioning that you’ll be installing this unfinalized platform at your own risk.

They detail the install on the Samsung Series 7 Slate, a product range that includes a model we’ve shown you in action just days ago, with this OS on board. They say that Samsung Electronics doesn’t take responsability for you installing a pre-release operating system, but from I’ve been seeing on the web over the past days, there’s not much of a risk to play with this release of Windows 8, since it’s pretty stable. Sammy also recommends the Microsoft Answers community support, when you can find all the answers about this new build of Windows 8.

This is the primary support channel for end users and it includes details on Windows Store, IE 10 and more. Samsung is even kind enough to provide an installation guide and also a guide on how to backup and restore a “Series 8 Slate”, or so they say. It appears that the touchscreen sensor will need some firmware configuration tool, so keep that in mind when upgrading your OS!