The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is found in at least 3 versions on the market, but apparently there’s one more, meant for the little ones. The new model is a kids tablet, with a 7 inch display and a $230 price tag.


This 7 inch slate supports a 1024 x 600 pixel display and has a dual core CPU inside, but the idea here is not the specs, but rather kids friendly features. The device comes preloaded with a ton of entertainment and edutainment apps. There’s also a special UI in place and a Kids’ Mode for parental controls over content and Internet access.

This product may well serve as a babysitter and can be preordered right now. The product becomes available on November 1st for the preorder we mentioned and in stores it will appear on shelves on November 10th. The colors here are yellow and orange, that are kind of defining for Halloween, so there’s actually a themed reason to buy it.