While the Galaxy S4 is supposed to have reached 40 million units since its launched, today is the day when we get the first numbers concerning the Galaxy Note 3. It appears that the phablet that debuted early last month has already managed to sell 5 million units.


Korean website Hankooki is the one with the numbers here, quoting Samsung Mobile CEO JK Shin. The phablet is on our testing table as we write this and we’re getting ready for a huge review. In the meantime there’s a rumor saying the product will get Android 4.4 very soon and that we’ll soon see a cheaper version of the Note 3.

That one will be launched in November if everything goes well. I for one would expect Samsung to debut a flexible or curved Note 3 ahead of anything else. With the Note 3 and Galaxy S4 selling quite well, is there any reason to launch the Galaxy S4 in January, as it was rumored about a week ago?