As usual with a product that’s been on the market for a few months now, the Galaxy Note 3 is preparing to get even more color versions. It debuted in Blush Pink, Classic White and Jet Black this fall and now Samsung Argentina published two more alternatives on its website.


Images of a brand new Rose Gold Note 3 and a truly red one have appeared on said site. In case you’re wondering what rose gold means in this case, well, it’s basically a white body with gold accents, including on its stitching. You’ll also notice that on the logo on the back of the device and the stylus, as shown below.

Samsung has given its hottest products new paint jobs in the past, with the likes of Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4 being on the list. Consumers are waiting for a new hue here and I suspect the ladies may be thrilled with the idea of a rose gold and white phablet.