Samsung Galaxy Fold isn’t even out in all big countries yet, but there’s already talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. This time we get more info than usual, including codename, colors and more.

The source is rather solid, Korean publication The Bell, which has confirmed the Galaxy Fold 2 is codenamed “Bloom”. We’re coming up to a year since the prototype Galaxy Fold was show in early November. It would be high time for at least a teaser… Anyway, the device is expected to be launched in April 2020, with Android 10 and a diagonal that could be 6.7 inches or 8.1 inches.

Samsung is still not sure which diagonal to pick. If the screen is an 8+ incher we may be dealing with a clamshell, in the vein of the MOTO RAZR 2019, which leaked a lot recently. Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to come in white, purple and black. We’re expecting a Snapdragon 865 processor inside, 5G support, probably 12 GB of RAM and a triple back camera.

Also, for Pete’s sake get rid of the notch. We also need a new and improved hinge, sans the risks of the current one, plus an improved screen protection if possible. The jury is still out on the clamshell or horizontal format. Which one would you pick?