We’ve all heard of Samsung’s foldable phones and sometimes even about their foldable tablet efforts, that involve a triple folding screen. Now we learn that they’re also preparing a foldable screen laptop, Samsung Galaxy Book Fold 17 which may debut in 2022. The info has been shared by a reliable tipster and we have details below.

What we’re about to get is a laptop with two touchscreens on board, which will be united into a single screen folded with a hinge between them. It could feel like a larger Microsoft Surface Duo or a Microsoft Surface Neo and a 17 inch screen is being mentioned by the sources. The 17 inch diagonal is available when the screen is opened and it becomes 13 inches when it’s closed.

We still don’t know what OS this product is going to run, either Windows or Android. Windows 11 could be chosen, on account of the fact that it plays nicely with dual screen experiences and offers extra productivity. Also, Windows 11 runs Android apps natively, so that solves the lack of Android. The problem is that the general public will hesitate to buy a laptop without a physical keyboard, even though the Lenovo Yoga Book with two touchscreens got some love when it was released.

In the meantime we saw foldable laptops like the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold two years ago with a bit of a crippled performance on account of the Intel Lakefield CPU inside.