Over the past 3 years or so Samsung has been showing flexible devices at CES and MWC and foldable units of all shapes and sizes. However, there hasn’t been one commercial devices of this sort so far. During Samsung’s Analyst Day this week the company announced that it intends to deliver folding display devices in 2015.


The screen technology, that’s a huge evolution of the Galaxy Round may arrive on smartphones and tablets, plus wearables. Samsung Electronics CEO Kwon Oh Hyun claims that there’s still room for improvement on the Galaxy Gear, so that’s also an area to expand… and flex. We’ve see malleable screens at CES in January and the famous Youm technology was not that impressive actually.

The following roadmap may shed some light into Samsung’s strategy for the future, that will at some point include flexible batteries and flexible displays. We’ll have to see how they manage to integrate flexible memories and such. CES 2014 may give us answers.