Usually we get to see Apple at the top of the tablet satisfaction surveys, but this time Samsung makes a surprise appearance, as shown in the table below. This is the J.D. Power tablet satisfaction survey and although Apple scores high, Samsung is still on top.


If you look closely and add up the dots, you’ll see that Apple actually scores better, but J.D. Power itself issued a press release saying that Samsung ranked highest. The final scores on a 1000 point scale were 835 for Samsung and 833 for Apple apparently, so J.D Power has other stats to see aside from this table.

The tablet ratings are broken down into 5 categories, like performance, ease of use, physical design, tablet features and cost. Apple scores a perfect 5 out of 5 in four categories, but the cost is the one pulling it down. So, it’s 22 stars for Apple versus 18 stars for Samsung and Sammy still wins. I bet that the low priced Galaxy Tab 3 units are to thank for the high cost area rating.