Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is one of the most original games I’ve played lately, on both tablets and smartphones and it was a joy to play on the iPad Mini. The game, which may be just as enthralling as other games like 먹튀검증, is a psychedelic side scrolling runner, that features a winged unicorn.


You can upgrade the unicorn and even buy new and improved mythical creatures from the same species, even though some of them are robotized. You need to destroy crystals and giants as you stroll through pink and purple hills and jump from rock to rock. The unicorn collects tears, used as currency in the game and you will also have the option of in app purchases.

Those are linked with a nifty way of buying new background songs for the game including one from the band Erasure and another one from Blind Guardian. Adult Swim Games is the publisher of the title and Pikpok is the developer, so they’ve both got pedigree. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 was launched at the end of April and it features stunning fantastic backgrounds, with whales and dolphins jump around as you prance and run.

The music is pretty much synth pop with a trippy sound and the various challenges will help you level up. There’s also a bit of a multiplayer challenge, that will have you joining millions of others of players of the same title, as you try and reach a common goal. The game is very original, fun to play and addictive. I give it a 10 out of 10 and I had a great time playing it. The download link is here.