We have seen the Samsung Galaxy Tab S slates leaking once or twice before, but today we uncovered the potential pricing of the products. I have to remind you that Samsung is holding a “Galaxy Premiere” event coming soon, where the tablets can be unveiled.


These are OLED tech models, something that Samsung hasn’t tackled in quite a while. Finnish retailer Multitronic couldn’t wait and they already have the listings up for the LTE enabled Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5 models. Apparently the WiFi Tab S 8.4 is priced at 450 euros and the LTE model at 565 euros. The 10.5 inchers are listed at 565 euros and 680 euros respectively.

This means that you will pay between 50 and 75 euros more for the new models compared to the TabPRO series units. This means that in USA the price difference will be about $50, making the new products much more appealing, to be honest. Is Samsung ready to cannibalize its own TabPRO models?