While it’s not an option for every user out there, Jailbreaking the iOS devices can unleash the true potential of the device and provide features you never thought possible. It is where the true freedom of the Apple devices lies, now one step further towards accomplishment.


With every new version of iOS a team of developers is hard at work to find the best possible means towards jailbreaking it. The task is not an easy one, due to Apple relying on so many security features. It can take several months and even years to find a working solution to bypass the security measures that the manufacturer set in place. iOS 6 as the latest version of the OS is the latest task of the developers willing to find its weakness.

After giving one good hope to the public of a working solution to jailbreak iOS 6, the team behind the project has begun tweeting all sorts of news about the recent progress they made. Though until a fina result comes out it may take a while, progress towards a working untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 seems to be heading in the right direction. One motive to stay behind are the recent rumors about Apple working to release iOS 6.1 implementing new security measures. Let’s hope the developers manage to jailbreak this version first.