Google is announcing a few developer oriented changes brought to the Play Store and these are tablet related modifications. A similar thing was done earlier this year, when a Designed for Tablets section appeared in the Store.


That allowed people to find the best apps for their 7 and 10 inch slates. This time, on November 21st, the Play Store will get a series of changes that will make it even easier for people to find the best apps for their devices. One of the things happening next month is that users browsing the Google Play store on a tablet will see apps and games designed for tablets on the top lists.

Those are Top Paid, Top Free, Top grossing and Top New Paid, as well as Trending. They will be able to switch the view and see all the apps they want. Starting next month, the apps and games that don’t meet the requirements to fit in the “designed for tablets” area will be marked as “designed for phones”.

In order to make sure your app is tablet friendly, there’s an area with tablet optimization tips in the Developer Console on the Play Store. Issues will be flagged, if necessary. If there are no issues, you’re free to go.