Barnes & Noble’s firmware update version 1.2 for the Nook Color caused quite a bunch of problems for the owners of the famous e-reader. It seems the update was installed just fine, even with the manual updating process, but at some point things went crazy and many Nook Color units got wiped.

It’s probably an error coming from Barnes and Noble, sending the 1.2 update to everyone connected to the servers, even though some didn’t even need it. Turns out that after downloading the update, the Nook Color erased itself and it was just a freshly bought unit, requiring registration. The next step was re-registration of the slate and starting from scratch.

With the rush to re-register, the B&N servers went down and it took some hours till they were up again. The problem here? Users had to re-download books and apps that were already bought… plus personal data was lost, in case you never backed it up. Some are even rooting their Nook Color 1.2 using Cyanogenmod 7, that gives then a flavor of Android 2.3 on their beloved e-reader, now that the problems are gone.

More info can be found here, if you’re a Nook Color owner.