If you’ve checked out the Google Play Store recently, you must’ve seen that the Nexus 7 tablet has a waiting time of 3-4 weeks for shipping. Well, as of today that time has gone down to 1-2 weeks, which is certainly good news. Thus, the device will make the mid-July launch window.

Google promised a mid-July delivery date and they’ll stick to that. The quad core 7 inch Tegra 3 slate is priced at $200 in the 8GB version and $250 in the 16GB version. In the meantime people have been complaining about the lack of a main camera, a microSD card slot and some display ghosting issues. If you want to get the tablet there’s a Google Play Store link here, but honestly speaking, I’d wait for a few detailed reviews before jumping on the bandwagon.

Anyway, for this price this is certainly a hot seller and it will be the Android tablet to rule the summer, unless there’s a Kindle Fire 2 ready to debut in the following month or so. Will you buy it?