A lot has been said about the Nexus 7, that it’s cheap, it’s a bummer it lacks a rear camera, or that its screen is too glossy. And now another flaw: it seems to have some display problems, uncovered by the guys of Android Police. The screen of the ASUS tablet has ghosting effect issues and ASUS has already replied to their claims, saying that they couldn’t replicate the problem on production units.

One must know that I/O units are pre-production ones, so they’re prone to last minute bugs. This issue could be solved in the final version, but only after hundreds of thousands of units are sold we’ll be able to tell how many are affected, if any at all. Above you can see some comparison shots between an affected Nexus 7 and one that’s not. Some have claimed that this is a common problem with IPS displays called “image retention”, that involves a bright white image on a darker color.

The Nexus 7 didn’t take that into account and did that with almost all images and worse than expected. Of course, if could merely be an issue with one of the IPS panels that happened to be used for the device, or maybe a software issue. The guys behind the story also noticed that after the screen warms up for about 30 minutes the problem is less noticeable. The two images at the end of the article explain the best this problem, so far confirmed for at least two I/O Nexus 7 units.

It took 2 minutes for the imprint to be gone in this case, even when using the tablet… So, fatal flaw or just bad luck?