I have to say that Google and ASUS deserve some serious kudos for the way they’ve been hiding the Nexus 7 2. We haven’t seen one serious and reliable picture of the device leaked on the web, but the specs list has reached the Internet, although it doesn’t look solid. Today we get an interesting leak, the one of the price of the new device.


Turns out the Nexus 7 will be priced at $229 in the 16 GB version or $269 for the 32 GB unit. As you can see, the slate is listed as a quad core unit, confirming partially what we’ve heard so far regarding a Snapdragon 600 processor found inside the unit. There should be a 5 MP cam on board as well, say the same rumors, plus a 1080p display.

The leak came most likely from a retail location preparing to gather up units for the launch. Although from May till this month all leaks pointed towards a July launch, now we’re hearing something like September, or even October, although I still hope it’s July. Anyway, expect Android 4.3 to finally debut with this product.