Well, it doesn’t always pay to be the main manufacturer of Nexus devices, that’s what Quanta probably knows, after being unable to reach its goal of 20 million units shipped for 2013. The company declined to comment on its clients, so they’re not pointing fingers.


Market watchers estimate that Quanta could reduce its tablet shipment target for 2013 by as much as 40%, to just 12-13 million units. Quanta has orders for the Kindle tablets and the Nexus 7 2, with the latter registering weaker sales than expected. Google has yet to announce sales, so this is all from the grapevine.

Right now Google prices the 16 GB WiFi Nexus 7 2013 at $229 and the 32 GB unit at $269, while the 32 GB LTE unit is $349. If we compared that to the rivals’ 7 inch slates, the new Nexus 7 has failed to impress customers. The entry level slate market is ruled by $100 7 inch tablets and consumers sometimes choose to spend more and buy the iPad Mini in the end. Google is said to not work with ASUS on the third gen Nexus 7, so Quanta will lose a major tablet client…

  • Ricardo Almeida

    Those who loved Nexus 7 2012 when it came out still love it 😉 There’s “no reason” to upgrade… Maybe if it had SD card or allows GSM calls…

  • nemmie

    People don’t buy it because it has multi touch issues, bad quality control, and overall from what ive read on xda its quite buggy so im not really surprised

  • Former Asus Customer

    Its a piece of sh**. My screen broke under my thumb while playing a game. Fragile poorly built piece of crap that Asus is charging unreasonable prices to fix. And why arent there any digitizers for sale??? Because Asus wants to rape you for the repair cost of the product that they designed to break.

  • Dave

    Had a couple of issues when I first got the nexus 7 gen 2 but after a few factory resets all is working great. I also have an HP Touchpad jb 4.2 and have not had any issues or problems with it. The nexus 7 is what I use when I need a small, lightweight and portable device. It works and works well.

  • ajay

    Device is good but the competitor for the device are increasing day by , which are also affecting the sales Website Development Company in Delhia

  • Brad

    Wrong, we are waiting for someone other than Asus to make a quality product.