Lately we’ve seen quite a few HP tablets being leaked, including this new one shown below, courtesy of @evleaks. We’re dealing with a low end product, that’s for sure and this one runs Android, as you probably have figured out already.


The slate features a front facing camera, from what I can see and it comes with big bezels and the HP logo at the back. We also have a back camera and a speaker on the back of the slab. An interesting aspect is that this tablet seems to be running stock Android, but sadly we have no other specs to go with the image. If you ask me, a lower power Qualcomm, MediaTek or Intel should be the CPU here, plus 1 or 2 GB of RAM.

8 or 16 GB of storage will be available, too, plus a 5 or 3 MP camera and these are only my speculations, remember. I’m not sure if I dig those screws left out in the open at the back, but they may increase the repairability of the product in the end.