The iPhone 6 has leaked again, but this time it’s not some fancy hands on pic or mold or factory dummy, but rather a design sketch, that’s shown below. The handset is now longer than the iPhone 5s, wider and it has different volume button formats.


Also, instead of a dual tone color back, the upper and lower back areas feature some lines of color, like the HTC One M8 and One. The Lightning port is still here, with a singular speaker next to it, while the volume keys are now more elongated, which kind of makes sense, since the device is also bigger. It also appears that the iPhone 6 goes back to the singular LED flash of the iPhone 5, instead of the dual LED setup.

The general format of the phone is pretty much the same as the one of a regular iPhone, but this model looks totally thinner than its predecessors, especially considering it has a longer body. We’ll have to wait a bit more and I’m sure we’ll get some cool hands on videos or even some detailed close up shots.