Recently, NETGEAR and iControl put their powers in common to develop a new tablet called NETGEAR STS7000, a tablet that will give you full control over your home security, but in the same time a tablet that can be a hub for all things in your connected home.


Paul Dawes, senior VP and general manager at iControl said:  “Consumers have rapidly adopted large-screen Android and iOS tablets as the primary interface for countless applications,. Our partnership with NETGEAR allows us to offer smart home customers a high-end touchscreen experience at a low price point, providing a breakthrough product for connected home security.”


The NETGEAR STS7000 offers Google Maps, weather tracking, news and sports alerts and it can also use Apple AirPlay system or it can control lighting around the house. The battery of this device it’s removable and replaceable, and as you can see, the tablet looks like a rugged device. Unfortunately we don’t have any info about the price of this tablet.