There’s a fresh patent over at the US Patent and Trademark Office, that has to do with Microsoft and it’s called “Systems and Methods for Controlling Feedback for Multiple Haptic Zones”. In fact it may have to do with next gen gaming and haptics on tablets and PCs.


Basically, Microsoft is going to bring advanced multi zone haptic feedback to the likes of tablets, mice and keyboards, that usually lack this functionality. They’ll be using something called “Eccentric Rotating Mass”, plus “Linear Resonant Actuator” and a Piezo structure similar to the one on handsets or Xbox Controllers, which by the way are featured in the papers.


Microsoft also discussed including haptic actuators in styluses, for an extra element of interaction for touchscreens and pens. The Microsoft patent mentions that multiple haptic zone feedback may be included, integrated within the housing or mated. Documents cover a variety of formats, like tablets, laptops, smart devices, mobile devices, smartphones, game controllers, remote controllers, mice and styli, plus even wearables.

This is all part of the PlayAnywhere Microsoft plans, which may lead to a more playful Surface tablet in the future.