NFC payments are evolving, so much that even Microsoft feels forced to include them in their plans. While that may seem like the obvious choice for the handsets, Windows 10 will be a universal platform, so somehow NFC payments will also come to tablets and PCs.


Even Xbox consoles will get it in theory, if they will run Windows 10. Microsoft has recently started searching for a Senior Software Engineer in Development and a Senior Software Engineer in test, according to some job postings, that also mention NFC in the description. Microsoft wants this solution to be implemented “across all Microsoft devices”. I’ll remind you that NFC payment was available on Windows Phone 8.1, but tablets don’t have it.

Of course, desktops and laptops may require more security than your average phone, so expect further authentication requirements. The posting of a job so late in the process of Windows 10 launch/development makes us worried about the arrival of the OS, since it may end up delayed. Would you like NFC payments on your Windows 10 tablet or PC?