Since “taking candy from a baby” is so easy it has become an expression, I imagine that taking a tablet from a baby is even easier to do. That’s what a man tried to do at a laundromat, snatching a slate from a 4 year old, but karma struck back.


The man took the tablet and ran as fast as he could, with all of that happening in Clayton County, USA. Interestingly, the mother, Tamara Nolan claims that the thief was almost hit by a car, as he was running down the street with the stolen goods. Location tracking is available on the device, but sadly it’s not activated.

I have an issue here with the parents of the kid, actually two of them: first, it’s a bit too early for a 4 year old to be handling a tablet and second, why wasn’t the mom watching the kid at a laundromat? That’s one of the most dangerous places ever, judging by the movies at least. We have no idea what brand the tablet was, but if I had to guess, it was probably an iPad.

Video of the theft is shown below.