IDC and Gartner have published last week the reports regarding the IT hardware market for 2013 and the data shows that Lenovo is a global leader in the PC market. This performance is achieved for the 4th quarter in a row, meaning the whole 2013 was dominated by this company.

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The IDC report regarding Q4 PC shipments shows that Lenovo achieved a 18.6% share, compared to 16.1% in Q4 2012. Gartner shows figures of 18.1% for Q4 2013, which shows a growth of 6.6%. Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo CEO claims that the company is first on the PC market, second in the PC + tablet market and third in Smart Connected Devices.

The company’s annual revenue was 9.8 billions of dollars, a growth of 13% from the previous year. Lenovo managed to ship more tablets and phones than PCs over the last quarter, with the figures being 14.6 million to 14 million in the favour of slates and handsets. As far as smartphones go, Lenovo is the solid number 2 vendor in China and fourth globally.