Lenovo just confirmed that it will be holding a special IFA 2017 keynote on August 31st in Berlin. IFA traditionally takes place there and brings us the fall and winter collection of phones, tablets and laptops. Let’s speculate now on what could be up for unveiling this year.

First of all, IFA usually takes place between September 1st and the 6th, so Lenovo’s decision to show stuff on the 31st may seem unusual. It’s actually not, since even MWC or CES brought us pre-show unveilings and showcases, so that’s fine. Lenovo’s conference will be all about new Motorola Moto Mods, I’m sure, plus a couple of Moto phones maybe.

As usual we’ll see a slew of Lenovo Yoga laptops, convertibles and hybrids, maybe Legion laptops and perhaps some cheaper Android slates. A Lenovo Yoga Book 2 would be welcome, since the first model was quite well received and we also liked it in our review. There’s very little chance of a Motorola tablet, although some rumors have been pointing into that direction over the past months.

Lenovo has the habit of bringing a dozen laptops, PCs, tablets and hybrids at such shows, so expect a lot of novelty in Berlin. They may even unveil something with the latest Core i9 CPU or the Threadripper.