The folks of mobilitysite did an analysis of the eBook world, finding out which eReaders were hits and which were misses ahead of the holiday season. From the “miss” category we discover the Sony Daily Reader, a 7 inch device with wireless support, intended to compete with the Kindle DX. The eReader is available for preorder today and it should go for $400.


Barnes & Noble have got their cool Nook to boast with, another product that should be hot at Xmas time. There’s a bit of confusion regarding the actual release date of the device, with supposed preorders starting November 30th. B&N also offers holiday gift cards, that will serve you well, as method of purchase for the many eBooks they offer.


We also found out that romance publishers Mill and Boon are working with Sony, to produce a branded Pocket Reader, that’ll reach the UK next week. The reader will come in dusky rose and it’ll include Christmas-theme romance eBooks. Mobilitysite allows us to have a look into the future, via Qualcomm’s new display technology, called Mirasol.

Mirasol is able to mimic butterfly wings and display charged, color-inducing membranes over a mirror. This technology will greatly improve battery life and still keep the performance of eReaders. The solution should reach commercially available products in 2010.


[via mobilitysite]