While Barnes & Noble’s Nook is almost dead, Amazon’s tablets and ereaders are doing just fine and so is Kobo. They’re doing so good, that they’re preparing to launch a new ereader. It will be a 6 inch device called the Kobo N514, that showed up at the FCC this week.


Details are lacking right now, but the newcomer seems to be smaller than the 6.8 inch Kobo Aura HD, although the two may share a bunch of features. Nate Hoffelder, a digital reader expert is saying that the pics leaked on the web are showing that the device will have a front light and HD display. It will be lacking physical buttons and we’ll be getting touchscreen controls instead.

Kobo is right now the third biggest name in eBooks in USA and the driving force behind them is the giant eCommerce company Rakuten, from Japan. They offer a wide range of ereaders with E Ink displays and Android slates as well. Will the Kobo N514 make it to the market?