There’s a new Kobo device coming, much to the joy of eReader buffs. It’s the Kobo Clara HD and it’s pictured and detailed below. The device was certified by the FCC in April and it’s now ready to come to the stores in a few weeks.

In spite of the fact that Kobo has yet to announce it, somehow Notebook Italia scored a few details about it. The eReader has several listings on online retail sites, so we know what to expect. The Kobo Clara HD should be available this month or the next, priced at around $129. It comes with a 6 inch E-Ink display, that uses the Kobo Comfortlight Pro technology.

This means that the screen is illuminated for comfy reading in the dark, but it also changes hues to reduce the amount of blue light at night. Such filters are usually beneficial for the secretion of melatonin, negatively affected by the blue light. Kobo Clara HD also comes with 8 GB of storage, a 1500 mAh battery and WiFi 802.11n. An E-Ink Carta display will be embedded with 300 ppi density.

The reader weighs 5.9 ounces, it’s 0.3 inches thick and it comes without an SD card slot or Bluetooth support. The device is basically the same as the Kobo Aura 2, but with more rounded edges and with a Power button on the bottom, not the back. In Italy this product ships on June 5th, priced at 129 euros.