Among eReaders producers, on the market there’s also Kobo, manufacturer that announced a new device recently. This product is Aura H20, and as you can tell just by reading its name, this e-book reader comes with waterproof certification (IP67) that offers protection for sinking under water for half an hour with the port cover closed.


Aura H20 packs a 6.8-inch touch-enabled e-ink display with the ComfortLight technology inside, a 1.430 x 1.080 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 265 dpi. We also get 4 GB of internal space of storage, a microSD card slot up to 32 GB, and a battery that offers up to two months of use if we’re reading for 30 minutes a day only.

This eReader packs a feature called Pocket Integration that enable us to read long text contet away from the tablet or smartphone. Kobo Aura H20 will be available starting October 1st at a $180 price tag in US/Canada and for 180 euros in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, UK and Netherlands.