KitKat has published an extra section of its website, that has to do with Android and requires a login for some reason. We expect them to launch some sort of service tied in with the Android 4.4 release or maybe authentication via Google to access prizes and offers.

We still don’t know 100% when Android 4.4 KitKat is coming, but November 1st is the best bet right now. Back in September Google and Nestle partnered up in order to deliver the sweetest Android branding yet, KitKat. It’s not yet clear what Nestle’s part of the deal will be, aside from letting Google use the name and teasing the occasional software and device.

We could see chocolate bars with QR codes that allow you to download apps, or maybe even the new Android. There’s also the option of probably winning a new Nexus device or two by buying these chocolate bars. We’ll probably find out more at the end of the week.