After the Wii was used as an inspiration for some mobile games and their control system, it’s the turn of Kinect to help mobile devices evolve. Last month someone hacked the Microsoft Kinect to work on Android and now a similar technology is being developed for the Google mobile operating system.

We’re talking about Kinect-like gesture based apps for Android tablets and smartphones. Company XTR3D is the one working on it, creating an app called iZi, that will be used to read gestures and navigate apps, plus play games. You can check out the demos below for extra info and if this reminds you of Minority Report, it’s no problem, since we had the same impression.

Hand waving is used to change page and pinching gestures to zoom, both from a certain distance, so this certainly looks cool. They’ll probably involve a couple of extra camera sensors or simply some software to take advantage of the already advanced cameras on slates and handsets. Imagine using this with a projector and a 3D display. Minority Report… 2?