Sometimes Kickstarter projects are instant hits, like this one called LeGioN Meter that aims at totally speeding up the charging process for your phone or tablet. This one is an USB multimeter with integrated OLED display and it’s aimed at increasing the charge speed of your phone or tablet by up to 92%.


The project required a backing of 10k dollars on Kickstarter, but reached a pretty impressive $230,669 so far. The project will be funded till June 19th, so it may even hit the million by then. The product costs $49 for the average buyer who wants to get involved in the initiative. It plugs in between the USB outlet and the charging cable, pretty much like a dongle or amplifier.

The Legion Meter makes things charge faster and another thing it does is let your PC or laptop juice up a phone like a wall socket would, releasing more power into it. This means that folks with iPads can charge their devices anywhere where there’s an USB outlet, which is very impressive. Sign me up for one now!