Computex 2010 was the perfect occasion for new Android tablets to pop up, with the Shenzhen-based company Joyplus announcing four such new models. Two of them use the same CPU, Marvell PXA303 @ 624MHz: the 5 inch Joyplus M508 and the 7 inch 5701. Also, the 7 inch Joyplus M702 model is based on a 600MHz WonderMedia Prizm MW8505 CPU, while the 7 inch M703 runs on a 600MHz ARM926 CPU with a 600MHz DSP.

We don’t yet know what version of Android these tablets will run, but an earlier version of the OS is most likely the choice. The 5 inch Joyplus M508 model (pictured above) uses a 624MHz Marvell CPU, plus 128MB of DDR memory and an SD slot for memory expansion. Its display supports a 800 x 480 pixel resolution, while the device’s specs list also includes WiFi 802.11 b/g, a 3G modem via a USB dongle and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Joyplus M701 (above) packs 128MB RAM, a 7 inch display and much the same features as the M508 model, aside from a 16GB SD card, bundled with the tablet. M702 (below, first pic) supports Android or Windows CE, comes with 128MB RAM, an SD slot for up to 32GB flash, a 7 inch 800 x 480 touchscreen, WiFi, audio I/O and dual USB 2.0 ports.

Finally, M703 (below, second pic) features an 800 x 480 pixel touchscreen, 128MB RAM, 2GB NAND flash, SD expansion and other features similar to the ones on M701.

[via linuxfordevices]