The usual sources for leaks, Taiwanese component suppliers are claiming that Japanese companies are preparing 6 inch ultrathin displays for Q3 2013. I imagine that Sharp plays a big part in this move and it appears that 6 inch is the new standard for phablets.


It’s been 3 months since Sony was supposed to unveil a 6 inch Xperia and we haven’t seen anything like that. Samsung is said to be preparing a 6.3 inch Galaxy Mega, while the Galaxy Note III sticks to a 5.9 inch diagonal, close to the 6 inch threshold. There’s also the Huawei Ascend Mate that was unveiled at CES and basically started the 6 inch craze.

Panasonic and Sharp are at the helm of the ultrathin 6 inch display production, according to sources. They want to create large size smartphones and the new devices are expected to appear on the market in Q3 2013. In 2012 Samsung sold 8 million units of the Galaxy Note series, so there’s certainly love for huge displays out there. Acer also expects sales of over 10 million large screen smartphones this year, so the market is there to be taken.