During last week’s Apple event, the Cupertino giant surprised us all when they went out and announced the iPad 4, aside from the iPad Mini. That happened just 7 months after the iPad 3 was released and it was seen as quite the shock for people attending their event and also iPad 3 buyers. An interesting aspect about the new slate is that it promises two times the performance of the Apple A5X CPU, since it uses the A6X processor. Let’s see how real the claim is…

You should also know that the iPad 4 brings an improved FaceTime camera, faster WiFi and the new Lightning connector, not only the new CPU. The latest GeekBench benchmarks have shown that the latest iPad is more than twice as fast as the predecessor. It’s got a 1.4 GHz dual core processor, plus 1 GB of RAM and it hits a score of 1,757 in Geekbench, while the iPad 3 scores just 791 points. The new iPad is also faster than the iPhone 5, that uses an Apple A6 CPU and scores 1,571 points in GeekBench.

Basically, the A6X is a tweaked A6 with better graphics for the larger iPad display. For those of you fretting about the iPad 3 replacement happening so fast, know that Apple has a program in place, that gives you a free iPad 4 if you bought an iPad 3 in the past 30 days. Early adopters still remain sad, though… To me the key aspect is normal user interaction and since the iPad 3 didn’t stutter (much), I guess you can live with it like this, without requiring extra performance, right?

  • Jo

    Not even a quad core not worth the update from iPad 3 to 4