With IFA 2011 having started just now, it’s time for the big players to showcase their tablets and smartphones. Among these companies we find the folks of ViewSonic, with some new tablets and a handset. The new tablets are ViewPad 7x, ViewPad 7e and ViewPad 10pro, while the new phone is a dual SIM Android unit dubbed ViewSonic V350.

ViewPad 7x is a 7 inch Android 3.2 Honeycomb slate with a stylish design, that was created with the aid of injection moulding techniques. This is a light device, but also durable, that comes with a customized UI known as ViewScene 3D. Under the hood there’s a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, integrated GPS and the device also comes with a 10 point multitouch display we already mentioned, supporting a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution.

8GB of memory and a couple of bundled applications round up the specs of the tablet coming in late September with a 349 euro price tag. Moving on, we find the ViewPad 7e, a compact device with a 4:3 ratio multitouch display and pre-installed Amazon kindle software. This unit is great for e-reading, web browsing and multimedia features. WiFi, Bluetooth and HDMI are also on board and you should expect a product launch in late Q4 for 169 euros.

Finally, the ViewPad 10pro is a Windows Oaktrail tablet, with a 10 inch display and Windows 7 Professional on board, as well as Android 2.3. This dual OS unit will hit the stores on September 5th with a price tag of 499 euros for the WiFi version.