HTC is expected to cooperate with Google and create the next Nexus 10 tablet, say the industry sources. We’ve heard similar rumors last week, but back then it was all related to an 8 inch tablet. This speculation comes after a period when HTC hasn’t released anything new.


Their stock value has been dropping and so has the public’s faith in the company. The sales of the 7 inch HTC Flyer in 2011 and the Jetstream model later that year were pretty poor, because of bad pricing strategies and lack of appealing apps. HTC supposedly refused to join the Nexus tablet initiative back in 2012, so Google had to team up with ASUS for its first 7 incher and it became a success.

Samsung and Google have failed to ramp up shipments of the original Google Nexus 10, so I wonder if smaller HTC can achieve that. We all know the Nexus 10 was a pretty good tablet, but somehow it managed to not become a hit. Hopefully, the new model won’t follow the same route.