The HTC Flyer tablet was already confirmed as coming in the UK by local retailer Clove, that promised a mid-April arrival. That was meant for the WiFi model and now the 3G model is supposed to come in May, if everything goes allright. There’s also that leak from March saying that 3 UK will release the product in May, too.

Carphone Warehouse is also mentioning May, so three sources are enough to confirm that this is the month when we’ll see the 3G HTC Flyer. Carphone Warehouse is offering this contract-free and SIM-free, available for pre-order right now for 599.99 quid. Well… we have to mention that this Android unit will receive Honeycomb as an upgrade at some point, if this makes you feel more tempted to buy it.

There’s also a stylus in the mix and some reasonable specs, but for this price, you could get a good deal on the superior Motorola Xoom.