HP is building a version of Android that will work on the special HP “machine” architecture and it appears they have found the Holy Grail of processing and memory. The Machine is a HP invention that’s meant to revolutionize the world of computing.


The Machine is not a server, workstation, PC, device or phone, but rather a combo of these. The idea is that the device is designed to work with the Internet of Things, the concept of a future network designed to connect objects and gadgets. In order to process huge amounts of information, Machine relies on clusters of specialized cores and not generalized cores. Everything is conected using silicon photonics and not traditional copper wires.

This gives the system a boost and reduces energy consumption. This tech also involves memristors, resistors that are able to store information even when power is cut. The achievement here is a system that’s six times more powerful than existing servers and it also requires 80 times less power. The Machine is able to handle 160 petabytes of data in 250 nanoseconds and guess what, it could be fit on a smartphone…

How does the future sound to you?