Windows 8 may ship with Internet Explorer and Bing bundled, but there’s a way to get your Google fix out of it. The search engine giant just released a video showing you how to get both Chrome and Google Search on your just bought Windows 8 device. The video is titled “”” and it advises you to access the site, that will direct you to download pages for Search and Chrome.

The Google Search application offers a clean and easy to use UI, plus it has a new voice search system, that allows you to naturally speak questions. The image search and image previews are compatible with swiping and there’s also Google Instant, with immediate results available as you type. Doodles are also here and they’ll even show up on the Google tile on the Start screen. As far as the Chrome browser goes, this is the same one you already know and probably used on Windows 7.

It did get some touchscreen optimization and customization, like larger buttons and the ability to keep it open next to your favourite apps. I guess this is referring to snapping up the app to another one via multitasking in Windows 8, right? Anyway, check out the video below and have fun with the site here.