New developments in the case of the Google Andromeda platform have appeared, after learning that it’s being tested on the Nexus 9. Multiple sources are now saying that a Huawei Nexus tablet will premiere the OS, as well as a “convertible laptop” from the Pixel series.


These aren’t 100% certain products, but they do make sense. Andromeda is a new platform, that’s supposed to unify Android and Chrome OS together, requiring some powerful hardware. A Huawei made Nexus tablet has been rumored before, including by Evan Blass and we also saw trademark filings this spring. Now the device is supposed to debut with Nougat, maybe on October 4th and then possibly as a Developer Edition with Andromeda.

Things get interesting with the second device rumored to run the new OS. Android Police seems sure that the so called Pixel 3 laptop will bring forth the new platform, codenamed “Bison” internally. It’ll be a 12.3 incher, with ultraslim design, either an Intel M3 or Core i5 CPU and either 32 GB or 128 GB of storage.

8 GB or 16 GB of RAM will be offered, plus a fingerprint scanner, two USB Type C ports, stylus support and stereo speakers. Four microphones and a glass trackpad with haptic feedback will be here and a 10 hour battery was mentioned. Pricing is set around $800. Pixel 3 is said to be ready for launch in Q3 2017, so there’s a long waiting time.