As you know, Google Reader will be killed off in a couple of days and you’ve probably found a fresh alternative already. We recommend Feedly for reading our RSS feed right here and you should know that Feedly has been preparing to replace Google Reader for 100 days now.


Feedly is a standalone option, it already has its very own cloud solution and it detached itself from Google Reader. You can import feeds from your Google account and you can add news feeds as well, as shown above. There are Android and iOS apps for this service and there’s a Windows Phone app in the works. Windows 8 has an app called Nextgen Reader and it relies on the Feedly cloud solution.

If you don’t like Feedly, you can go with AOL Reader or Digg Reader. The good thing about Feedly is that you can import stuff from Google Reader with a single click. Recently this service added a Google Reader-like title only view option for people who like a more compact view of their information.