The current fad of tablet use is to have the best reading experience possible and maybe even get some sleep afterwards. As you know, the blue light that the electronic devices emit disturbs our sleep patterns and now big companies are taking steps to stop that. Google for example just updated the Google Play Books app with a special night time reading mode.


Called Night Light, the feature is rolling out to Android and iOS devices right now and it can be activated by simply updating the Google Play Books app. A pop up will be shown in the app to highlight this feature. After that Night Light will adjust the perfect setting automatically.

This feature gradually filters blue light from the display and instead it uses a warm amber light, as the sun sets. It provides the ideal temperature and brightness so your melatonin production isn’t affected and you get the ideal amount of sleep. This comes fresh after Amazon included a new feature with the Fire OS 5, called Blue Shade, that offers optimal night time reading.

I guess that iBooks is next, in case it doesn’t already have that.