Google’s event yesterday brought us two Pixel 7 phones and a Pixel Watch, but we didn’t get the foldable phone we wanted, nor did we get the Pixel Tablet. The latter at least got a teaser, revealing it will have a speaker dock, which turns it into a sort of smart display.

The tablet will launch in 2023, but at least we get some more details about it. The Pixel Tablet will get an optional “Charging Speaker Dock””, which will make it resemble a smart display when docked. Google Assistant will always be listening and you’ll be able to use the product in hands free mode, with vocal commands. It will be able to control smart home devices and integrate it better with the living room and bedroom.

Apparently Google’s research has shown that tablets are useful for just a small part of the day and in the rest of the time people can drop it under the bed, trip on it and more. It’s also kept without a battery for days, harming its functioning. A dock would make it handy at all times. We also learn that the Pixel Tablet is designed with premium materials and finishes, plus it comes with smooth rounded corners, which show it’s part of the Pixel family.

The finish is “premium nanoceramic”. We’re promised a Tensor G2 CPU inside, the same one from the Pixel 7 family, plus a good looking LCD screen. The device is expected to be a midrange machine, with a single back camera and maybe quad speakers.