After learning that Google Pixel C will be on sale in Netherlands in a few days, now it appears that the slate is ready to compete with the best slates out there, scoring pretty good results in benchmarks. We’ve just spotted it benchmarked in GFXBench and GeekBench, as shown below.

pixel c benchmarks 2

This is a tablet that has Nvidia Tegra X1 at its core, scoring 1411 points in the single core test and 4101 in the multi core one. When compared to the Nexus 9 and its Tegra K1 chipset, the score doesn’t seem that impressive, since that one got 1903 and 3223 respectively. The octa core Tegra X1 processor has a big.LITTLE configuration and relies on 4 cores for average tasks, while the other 4 are used when high performance tasks are required.

pixel c benchmarks 1

This model was spotted in benchmarks running Android 6.0.1, a piece of software you don’t find on many devices nowadays and that was recently seen on Android One models. Anyways, the $500 Pixel C also scored 53.5 FPS in the Manhattan offscreen GFXBench test, beating the iPad Air 2’s 39.5 FPS, so we’ve got a very solid GPU here.

Too bad that the T-Rex 1080p test didn’t come through.