Google’s first tablet, the Nexus 7 may lack a main rear camera, but apparently in the original design it had a slot for such a feature. The folks of XDA, who did a detailed unboxing and teardown of the device showed in front of the camera that there is a slot at the back for a camera.

As you know, ASUS makes this tablet and this model is considered to be a remade ASUS Eee Pad MeMo device, so it could have been that the original slate had a camera, that was ripped off the design, because of cost worries. Recently Google and ASUS said that they didn’t implement a camera on the Nexus 7, since the public would have only criticized it and the cost of the tablet would have been higher. So, the Nexus 7 was designed with a camera in mind, but it was retooled later.

This reminds me of the famous phrase “Samsung Galaxy S III, designed by lawyers”, trying to go around the Apple lawsuits and design patents. While Google didn’t worry about that, they did worry about each component’s cost, but they were careless enough to leave traces of a “should have been” camera. I’m totally with them on this one, since I don’t see the use of a camera on a tablet.

  • reigouki

    While I do agree that having a back camera isn’t something you normally would think of wanting on a tablet, after some time on the Nexus7, I’m finding that it’s small enough that I do miss it. Two things I would want it for are for showing something during video chat, and scanning QR and bar codes, the latter being more important as they tend to send you places that phone displays are a little small for. For that, a 2-3MP cam would have done fine.