Although it’s been merely a week since ASUS and Google debuted the new Nexus 7, here we are, talking about a new generation of the product. This time, LG was also in the mix, as the supposed replacement for ASUS in making the new slate.


Analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, a very solid source is making those claims via a report that outlines his strong belief that Google will give up the tablet-hardware partnership with ASUS, in favour of a LG one. I have to say that both the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 7 II are solid tablets, so the reason of changing partners is not quality.

The idea is that LG is able to supply better displays through its LG Display branch. That segment is supplying Apple with panels for some of its iOS devices. They are narrower, thinner and lighter IPS panels, that Google wants. Sadly for ASUS, this means they would be replaced only for strategic reasons, which would mean that Google’s loyalty is not as good as we thought.