Gartner has just published a brand new report regarding smart devices projections for smartphones, tablets, ultramobiles and PCs. It covers the time frame between 2012 to 2017 and it gives you a clear picture of how the mobile market will change in the following years.


Gartner’s figures seem to mirror the forecasts of IDC, that were published last month. Gartner’s numbers make the future look bleak for Microsoft, who has the most to lose as the PC segment crumbles. Android and iOS mobile devices will trump the once dominating segment. Gartner projects a 7.3% decline in traditional desktop and laptop computer category this year.


The single growth is the one of the tablets, that will get worldwide shipments forecasts of 197 million units in 2013. This means a 69.8% increase on 2012 shipments of 116 million units. By 2017 Gartner says that tablets will be outshipping desktop computers and ultramobiles combined. Overall, the total smart devices market is projected to grow 9% this year, reaching 2.4 billion units.